I keep thinking about joining the defence force (because I’d look cute in uniform, duh) but then I just get really depressed because you have to had completed year 10 or 12 and I barely ever even went to school.
I thought about going back to school before, which would be painful and I wouldn’t want to attend class in person with all the little dweebs… Also, when the fuck would I start? I’d be completely ill equipped to deal with year 12, I don’t know anything, I’ve never learnt fucking anything.
And everyone was all like “why do you even need to go back to school”
Everyone else is a school leaver.
People expect me to be a school leaver too.
I’m sick of being asked questions about it.
I’ll probably never make it to college or even complete another tafe course, I’ll never be able to show I have an equivalent education.
And maybe if I had actually learnt useful relevant shit at home it would be okay but I haven’t.
I didn’t know that 5 20s were 100.
I’ve forgotten how to read clocks.
I am not even educated enough to be a check out chick, which is the only job I’ll probably ever have!
Sure, counting is barely even math, it’s just logical, but I’m not as fast as everyone else and I get embarrassed and just pretend I’ve counted everything properly and when I try I get it wrong half the time anyway because I’m so stressed.
So I’ll fuck up and get fired because they’ll think I’m a bogan that’s been stealing from them when really I’m just stupid.
I sort of regret going to school as much as not, but what on earth am I going to do with my kids?
You can’t just take someone out of school and not even bother to make sure they know basic skills.
But I won’t know them to teach them to my kids either.
It’ll be like one of them ghetto families where every generations illiterate.


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