Are you a militia?
Have you ever been asked to join a militia?
Is that a realistic prospect to you?

I don’t know a lot about American history, but I’d think this was a time when there was a lot of conflict close to / inside of America and they would have often conscripted civilians.
I also wonder how so much is staked on such a vague seeming statement… It doesn’t really say you, as a civilian, have a right to bear arms outside of being in a militia, although I guess you’d be more prepared if you did.

I don’t think people always put enough consideration into the times when things were written – like the bible.
It would make sense to me that wasting seed and lying with men were sinful because there was a low, vulnerable population and they wanted the people to procreate.
(I’m not that clever, I read that somewhere else a few years ago)


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