What’s wrong with this picture?


Actually, it’s the list of who the bad guys actually are.
Maybe I’m choosing to see the shades of grey, but there are definitely sides this person hasn’t considered.
Everybody’s selfish.
At what point is this selfishness bad?
You must be ignorant before you are educated.
Let’s stop putting down these people, because it’s all of us.
Ignorance is not evil and rarely by choice.
And I am SURE that there are people who are actually afraid of homosexuality, or rather it makes them feel uncomfortable, AND THEY ARE PERFECTLY POLITE AND KEEP THEIR DISCOMFORT TO THEMSELVES.
It is only when combined with bigotry and hate that homophobics are bad guys.
Some people certainly feel a lot of hate towards homophobia and I’m tired of having that bigotry shoved in my face.
Everything has degrees, and I just can’t agree with it.


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