#unpopular opinion?

There was a post, I believe of the huffington variety, about how it’s not okay to use the word tranny.
Ok, whatever.
The thing that really gets me are the comments, the response to anyone who points out they’re just words and people are going to use them how they like…
“If you’re not trans, but you’re trying to tell trans folk how they should feel -insert blah blah-”
So. If you are trans, you’re allowed to tell other trans ‘folk’ how they should feel?
It’s not ever okay to tell someone else how to feel.
This is a human opinion issue, not a minority issue.
Not a who’s in the cool club and who isn’t issue.
I hate when one person with their fucked up views tries to represent all women or feminists or Australians or heterosexuals, and I bet you’d be complaining about it if a trans person going blah blah about trans persons – oh wait that’s you.
Never mind that the articles called “gay men, can you not”.
Never mind that you shouldn’t be excluded from having an opinion because of what parts you have.
Ahhh the sweet sweet hypocrisy.


(another person) “I understand it is inappropriate for anyone without that lived experience to appropriate the term…”
I don’t.
Sure, tranny is not a very nice word – so I don’t really get why people with that lived experience would use it either.
Should I be worried that using the word ‘bitch’ offensive to female dogs?
Did they invent it (tranny) or did others invent it as a way to insult them anyway? Where’s the appropriation there?
I can’t think of a derogatory word about whites that is actually used by white people.
I don’t call my friends trailer trash or crackers or whatever.
And I’m a woman, I’m not a cunt.
It’s plain degrading to women… It’s not just that it’s a swear word, I was equally offended when a man was throwing around ‘mangina’ as if a female body part is both an insult and the source of all things feminine, the core of female emotion, the definition of woman – “you’re acting like a vagina”
Oh and he didn’t seem to clue he has a problem with women.
I just can’t relate to any of these things.
Not just those uh groups using the words, but anyone using them, but unfortunately it becomes common language – and couldn’t I be offended as a trans person (if I were) by another trans person using the word tranny? Or any other minority with any other word!
But, like I’ve said before, I’d be included in feminist discussions of sexual assault and harassment over a man who has had such experiences, when I’ve never known sexism like that in my life.



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