many 2 cents

Isn’t it strange how whenever you’re up early or late the first thing people say is “you’re up early/late!” and proceed to chat to you.
If I’m up early, it’s because I have to go somewhere.
If I’m up late, I probably want to go to bed.

Thats about it, really…. I don’t really have time when I’m not busy, because I find something to do, even if that’s just browsing Tumblr – if I knew I’d talk to people regularly, then I’d probably set a specific time everyday to do that.
But I barely know how to have conversations anymore.
I used to be good at it.
I’ve probably said this before.

I get surprised when people recognise me… I just think my face is some completely unmemorable mush.
I mean, I know what I look like, I guess.
But I don’t see why anyone else would.
I lived a long time being really confused with not feeling like myself when I looked in the mirror… But now I think I look more like I always imagined.

I’m not into diets and I can’t get into exercise regularly, and I always think ‘eh, I’m hot’ and ‘I’d still be hot fat’ but I recently realised that would mean none of my clothes would fit me anymore. And I like my clothes. I’ve spent a lot of money on clothes. So I need to maintain this fitting into clothes ness otherwise… All is lost!


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