to read makes our speaking English good

I don’t typically mind film adaptations of books, even modernisations, but a book based on a book seems blasphemous.
I shudder slightly when I walk past the new version of Sense & Sensibility called… Sense & Sensibility.
To think you can rewrite one of the classics and what, improve it?
It might be funny and refreshing, like Clueless, but I never saw Elinor as a ditz and what’s the point of just making a ‘Clueless’ out of a different Austen book? Even less original.
Admittedly I own ‘P&P and Zombies’ and ‘S&S and Sea-monsters’ but they’re parodies and, even so, somehow seem more respectful to me.
There’s also that Longbourn novel that the Jane Austen Facebook page raves about… Basically the author thought “much Downton Abbey. so Jane Austen. very book. wow.”
And the infamous ‘Death at Pemberly’ and ‘Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife’, the latter apparently written by someone who has never read a Jane Austen book!
I could try reading them but usually I try reading new things and then just end up really mad (Philippa Gregory I’m looking at you. Barf.)

Slightly related, I bought that Doctor Who book of 11 short stories by 11 authors.
Derek Landy is one of them!
I’ve started reading the first story, ‘starring’ the 1st doctor, and written by Eoin Colfer.
I’ve never read Eoin Colfer, I can’t even think of the name of his books now.
First couple chapters… Dull.
Next couple chapters… Pathetically crammed with forced pop culture references to try and make today’s reader relate? Hello!
He’s an alien that’s hundreds of years old in the body of a 50-60 year old man, and while I know he travels through time and space…
Shut up about twenty-first-century ladies fake tan. It’s just off.
I kinda wish it was written as if it was the time period in which the show aired.

I should just read Harry Potter over and over and leave it at that.


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