You know what really gets my goat?
Inappropriate song use.
(my other pet peeve is outdated and kooky expressions… I guess that would include ‘dig it’ and ‘shindig’ which I use quite often so I take that I back I just don’t like ‘pet peeve’ and ‘gets my goat’… I’ll start saying ‘raises my ire’ that’s much cooler)
Back to the real topic at hand, which was prompted by the thought that some people could use Annie’s song as a biblical song… I guess it works but when you consider it’s clearly written about his wife it brings to mind the episode of South Park where Cartman replaces the words ‘baby’ with ‘Jesus’.
The use of ‘lord’ in the song is an expletive if anything!
Kinda ick.
A bit like “isn’t she lovely” – this song is about an INFANT, the lyrics are quite literal, please do not play it for your girlfriend or say it’s your song.
More ick.
Something else to consider is songs NOT to play at your wedding.
Let’s start by ruling out Meatloaf altogether.
The Police is also risky, to avoid sounding like a paedophile/stalker/abuser you may wish to stick to Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.
Afore mentioned songs also.
I would love to play Annie’s song at my (non-existent) wedding but then there will be the chorus of old people singing along with squeaky helium voices.
Or maybe I’ll just outlaw balloons.
Balloons are tacky and the helium is scary.
Although I can imagine an epic reception would involve traditional balloons inflated by lung power and spit (but don’t look at me, I’ve never blown up a balloon in my life) and the good old ‘don’t let it touch the floor’ game… Yeeesss…
What were we talking about?



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