oh Upworthy *sigh*

Someone shared on Facebook the thing about high-fiving a teacher for yelling at a student.
I didn’t watch the video because I figured it would upset me like I didn’t watch the video where the man mimes his daughters tantrum (did I rant about that on here? It was disgusting. SHAME ON YOU IF YOU THINK THATS ENTERTAINMENT) but luckily this Upworthy video had somewhat of a written description for once.
That obviously gives me leave to complain about it.

People should have to apologise for exercising freedoms just because some other people don’t have them or think they don’t have them? Is it true that girl is not going to be judged in the world for being a white female? Is there any excuse for yelling at someone and humiliating them? Bossing someone around for not having the same opinion as you isn’t bigoted? I don’t think so. Maybe that girl just was really upset about racism and couldn’t process her feels. Maybe she didn’t want to comply with someone who just humiliated her. Under-fucking-standable. If there’s a good point here why does it have to be made at the expense of another person, somewhat labelling her as the face of all privilege and racism, when we don’t know her and that’s just ignorant.


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