A list of comebacks

The serious one (that was first)

You can express the need for options for all varieties of women without making derogatory comments about other women’s bodies, that is petty and hypocritical.
Why should anyone be slagged off for either being naturally slim or working to achieve the body they want?

The taste of your own medicine

^ wow fat old biddy club much

The self righteous

I think you should examine what you’ve said and be adequately ashamed because I shouldn’t have to for you.

The two birds with one stone

When you’re done sucking each other’s dicks, how about respecting those women you said need to eat.

The bewildered outrage

That’s a horrible thing to say wtf is wrong with you why the fuck do they deserve that don’t you see how hypocritical it is that you spend all your time being an activist and a feminist but then shame healthy human bodies I could so easily infer that you are jealous I can’t believe that you’re so self righteous all the time but you’ll probably just laugh this off don’t you care that some members of your family CANT put on weight would you fucking tell them to eat something fuck you


The can’t let it go

If you really want to know what I think is degrading to women, it’s your comments. Body shaming, seriously? How do you even think it’s okay to preach about the evils of anti-rape pants after telling a healthy beautiful woman to ‘eat’ because she doesn’t represent your bitter old arses!


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