I’m basically living in fear that one of my ‘friends’ turns out to be one of those giant backstabbery dicks.
I shouldn’t say anything or start acting mean towards them because that would make me a hypocrite.
But they’ve been acting pretty weird since we did a performance together and my critique was ‘flawless’ and theirs… well, wasn’t.
I didn’t make it up, I didn’t write the crit sheet myself because honestly my hand writings not that good – I took it home, photocopied it, kept the photocopy because it was harder to read and gave them the original.
And I think they did a very good job and they had their lines down before me!
I’m a nice, honest girl, okay?
I’m not petty, I don’t lie, I wouldn’t put so much effort into deceiving someone.
And there’s no point being jealous of me, I suck at life.


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