Sick of seeing this quote


These were my first thoughts when I saw this.
And when I say first thoughts I mean I’ve seen it before and dismissed it, but now spent about an hour reading everyone’s comments and trying to come up with one of my own.

I can’t imagine exactly what he was thinking when he said this (I find a lot of people make statements like this with a particular or personal situation in mind they have not divulged, making any thing you say ‘wrong’) but taking it at face value I mostly disagree.
I think a friend or most decent people would like to know if what they say or do upsets you because they respect your feelings… and they might enjoy telling their dirty jokes to people who actually laugh.
And what people call whinging is not meaningless or even useless – you’re expressing yourself, you’re processing your issues, words can stand up to something or for something and if this weren’t true Stephen Fry would have nothing to say.

Some of these things I have said on this blog before. But this comment wasn’t formed here it was formed on Facebook and I once again didn’t press enter and stuck it here instead.

The problem is the quote is taken entirely out of context, and the real context is quite complicated…
some years ago there was a bill being introduced in the UK to make it a crime to incite religious hatred – and as a comedian Fry wanted to protect his freedom of speech.
That’s my understanding of it, I could be wrong, but like I said this happened a while ago and had a very specific context.
And I’m lazy.

Out of context it seems designed to do nothing but offend and to justify offensive people.
When people share this post, that’s all it seems to me they are trying to do.
And that interpretation is where I find grounds to disagree, which isn’t really to do with poor Stephen Fry at all.
No wait, I still basically disagree with him.
Nothing wrong with that.


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