Basically everytime I read an article now I have to write a blog post challenging its thoughts.
It’s not that I go in planning on challenging it’s thoughts, I just want to analyse what I’ve read and compile it somewhere I won’t be judged – but, maybe I am biased, because of all the challenging things I’ve previously found in articles I’ve read.
Mostly feminist articles, which you know if you’ve ever been to this sad little blog before.

So, dear ‘Feminists are not responsible for educating men.’

You say it’s exhausting to explain the basics of feminism to “men who haven’t bothered to think about their own privilege before.”

There’s a first time for everything. They must have thought about it a little to start asking questions. So are you saying.. don’t start thinking about something you didn’t think about earlier? Would you have said the same thing to a 17 year old man or not?
Also, what about WOMEN (the word is not synonymous with feminist you know) who haven’t considered male privilege before and want to learn more about feminism from you?
Would you tell them to sod off or are you happy to initiate women because this is a all men are evil situation?

If helping men understand feminism and male privilege is something you’re interested in doing, then you would listen to a man saying your posts arent accessible or interesting, and if you arent interested then thats okay, someone else will do it.
(and you seem a bit pissed off with his ‘hubris’ but if you didnt talk to him about feminism how does he know how knowledgeable you are about it?)
Everyones gotta be taught be someone else, haven’t they? Even if he goes and researches it for himself, as you suggest, he can only do that because someone has already written about feminism in a way that educates people about it.

“Nice Guy is bewildered not to have his theories discussed immediately and in a reasonable, non-angry way”
I would love it if everyone could just reply to each other in a reasonable, non-angry way!!
Do I sound angry right now? oops.

“polite feminism not only doesn’t work, it is actually self-defeating.”
dfjsajfknearj is there an excuse for not being polite?
I found anything opposite to polite feminism self-defeating in that it makes you look like a PSYCHOPATH, it makes you look like a man-hating bitch from hell.
I’m not even sure the article you linked to remotely backs that up, but I’m running out of time because I have to go to drama workshop and I’m not done ranting or even reading all of the article.

“Spending time and energy nurturing men through their journey of self-discovery is not only incredibly dull”
but with women is absolutely thrilling and your lifes objective!

““misandry” isn’t a real thing”

really? i have no idea of the origins of the word but what if you were around when feminism began and people were all like MISOGYNY ISNT A REAL THING yeah you’d be pissed.
you cant deny that there arent (feminist) women that sit around and say shit like all men are the same, or men shouldnt be able to do x or y, or we should kill all the men in the world or make them slaves.
and when any men say that about women, its misogyny.
so there needs to be a word for it, that word is misandry, you really fucked your article up by denying it and no man or sane person will ever agree with you SUCK IT.



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