I just read an article, something along the lines of ‘A Good MRA Organisation Is Hard To Find’.
One of the few posts shared by Feminist Frequency lately I have had ‘like’d.
Disregarding the comments on the article itself which I would not read, and the comments on Facebook which included the typical “MRA is an oxymoron, what do men have to complain about!?” etc which just makes assumptions they’d hate to be made about feminists instead of reading about their actual issues.
Anyway, my garbled response, some of which I know needs to be said on Facebook but I’m a coward.
(Holy crap having issues with my new iPhone and/or iOS7 copy-pasting.)

I’m glad this article pointed out that men’s issues do matter, and that the MRA is damaging to men and society because it doesn’t help men at all it just breeds hate.
I had no idea that they used such violent language, I will never support that and if all MRA organisations do too I can’t support them but I’ll try not to throw them all into one basket. A lone man speaking out politely about male issues is to be respected and I will never shout him down or force him out if he doesn’t use violent language – if I’m tired of the conversation, I can stop replying.
One of the most disgusting things is the threatening and endangering of people they’ve decided they don’t like – same reason I abhor Anonymous and some activists.
I also dislike the shaming or humiliation of others, no matter who, and especially when it can be damaging to more than the intended target.
(Insert ping back to my response to destroy the joints campaigning here)
And although I am a feminist it is all the above repulsive acts being found in feminism and not being spoken out against by feminists that makes me somewhat upset with the movement.
I hope feminists can turn away from that kind of behaviour and respond to MRAs like the article suggests; with truth and love.


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