I’m feeling a bit blah because my body looks like roger from American dad and I have terrible skin ( I ‘m starting to think 90% of my skin is blackhead or zit) and I’m too short to be a model. In fact I’m plain too ugly to be a model because even for commercial modelling they want people with perfect skin so they don’t have to airbrush them and it really ruins the mood when you have to say ‘hold on, I can only sit like that if I suck in my stomach TAKE THE PICTURE QUICK BEFORE I PASS OUT”
Which I know is silly because I do not have acne and never have and I bought size 8 clothes today (dear Americans that’s like a 5 or something)
And whooooooa wtf did wordpress just do with my microphone
well that would be very useful if I was ever alone… =\
Anyway not to mention my allergies have gone completely psycho and are ruining my life… I can’t imagine working or studying or leaving the house… I don ‘t do any of these things now but what hope do I have when I can’t breathe!?
I probably shouldn’t use anti-histamine like over 3 days in a row so I’ll just have to wallow for a while and try to resist junk food
I’m also kinda freaking out a little because one of my friendsish the other day was like did you ever live at -address- and I was like -yes- AND HE NEVER TOLD ME WHY AND HE STOPPED ANSWERING ME ARRERGH


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