Went out for a belated 18th dinner/drinks
Well, I had one drink.
Half a drink.
I don ‘to want to drink vodka, it’s some overrated generic problem-solving joke like coffee… It ‘a actually really negative and pathetic.
It ‘a not even remotely appealing as a drink in itself.
Don’t even talk to me about skittles vodka… Ew.
Anyway so I didn’t ‘t (what is it about typing on my new phone that makes abbreviations come out spastic) have vodka.
I had rum… Ya know, mixed with stuff. But rums the important part.
I didn’t mind the drink, it tasted nice, but the same way lemon lime & bitters tastes nice but I can’t really stand it.
And how stir fry tastes nice but I can ‘to stand that either.
Within a minute of even sipping a drink I have to pee.
It ‘a very irritating, and if everyone feels that way when they drink or started drinking why the fuck did they do it? Does it go away? It ‘a very unpleasant and distracting and I’m scared to like move in case I pee or something. But I know peeing doesn’t ‘t make the feeling ago away.
And then my allergies hit me all of a sudden around ten and I used a whole travel packet of tissues… That wasn’t fun so I didn’t try another drink because everyone got up and left while I was blowing my nose for 15 minutes.
And now tired
So tired
And allergies suck
Or whatever the hell is happening to my body sucks
And I don’t understand drinking and I think drinking sucks
I can’t persevere enough to get anything out of it
That’s what I think about sex too not that I’ve had any
Sad sad boring frustrating adult life… You just force yourself into doing things because everyone else does them and eventually they resemble fun?


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