caution, freudian slips

my cousin shared an ‘article’ called something like I’m Coming Out… As Pro-Vaccine.
and my first thought was, golly, that sounds unnecessary.
and i’m not sure this person should have had her opinions aired on such a big scale because they didn’t ring true for me at all.
i know a persons speech shouldn’t be restricted because i don’t agree with them but i worry about other people… will they just read it and think it’s all true, not just some random broads opinion.
not that mine is true either, but it’s true for me, and i am frank about that.
the ‘author’ claimed anti-vaxxers are loud, and pro-vaxxers shy away from chiming in because they don’t want to interfere, but vaccinating is everyones concern and you should interfere!
i have always observed pro-vaxxers as the loud ones, calling people who don’t vaccinate (not necessarily ‘anti’-vaccine, even!) crazy baby killing stupid terrible parents…and i have barely ever seen anti-vaxxers doing the same!
and they aren’t the loud ones telling you how to parent because that’s exactly what they don’t want you to do.
and the more you bully them the more they’ll resist.
they just are concerned and want the facts, but how can they trust you now when you call them names on national television and in news articles!?
when doctors go around calling something a cervical cancer vaccine when it is for some strains of human papilloma virus that might cause cervical cancer, among other things!
when babies are given shots as soon as they are born, do their parents even know? were they asked?
we’re even discouraged from making the vaccine choices we feel more comfortable with, the doctors can’t/won’t even tell us all the details, and we are condemned for decisions we never made!
seriously, my pregnant sister gets the third degree about not getting her mmr shot – she probably couldn’t even speak yet when mum made the decision, and she didn’t know she was ever going to get pregnant.. 2 kinds of birth control and a wonky womb.
considering this apparent ignorance from doctors, how can i trust they’ve actually thought the vaccine issue through completely and not just in a way that suits their pocket… we all have so many questions and no answers, even if they’re stupid questions, as we know little about medicine, someone must have should have asked and answered them already!

it’s weird because if pro-vaxxers didn’t act like such dicks, i might agree with them… because it would be so easy to, all my worries about me and people like me not being allowed in schools, and getting no family tax benefits, would just go away…
and if atheists didn’t act like such dicks i wouldn’t think they were fucking dicks, seriously – the abusive christians are clearly nutjobs, the abusive atheists are just atheists…
and if feminists didn’t act like such dicks i wouldn’t mind calling myself one of them, but in any case i will always challenge their use of hypocritical, exclusive and demeaning language… and anyone elses, for that matter.


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