a very random thing for me to think about, but this thought has been floating around for a while…

you know in sitcoms when the wife talks about giving her husband a birthday surprise (implied something sexually unusual) and she says it like it’s an obligation – the surprise, to her, is completely unappealing or repulsive.
why would a husband want a ‘birthday present’ at the expense of his wifes enjoyment of the act or even her dignity!
if he knew thats how she felt, that she does it begrudgingly, i hope he would refuse.
is that what doing something nice or loving for someone else is? that’s sad and disgusting.
if ‘compromise’ means doing something you don’t want to, that’s kinda sick.
compromise should never involve the hurt or disrespect of either party, and probably not making your sexual partner feel uncomfortable either.
they always talk about compromise in a marriage, wouldn’t that just result in resentment… if you really have to compromise doesn’t that mean you’re not compatible?
and ‘you have to work at love’, ‘having a child puts a strain on a relationship’… should it? maybe I’m naive, but that kind of relationship sounds like shit.
shouldn’t you just get along easily because you love each other?


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