okay guys this is a response to like the daily mail or some shits article on men complaining about the white ribbon ads.
i’d find the link… but that’s fiddly.
this is just what i wouldn’t say to my aunt who shared it, because i’m honestly not sure what her comprehension is like, and i got a bit off topic and ranty like i reserve for here anyway.

it bothers me that we create spaces where other people don’t seem to be welcome based on their gender. and when we keep insisting violence against women and patriarchy is everyones issue, and men must help stop it, why are we excluding them from the conversation? if discussing one issue doesn’t negate anothers existance, can they really ‘derail’ a conversation? certainly not without the womens participation… if they want to discuss male violence or perspective they can and everyone else can ignore them.
and it’s completely wrong (and hypocritical) to say someones opinion is of no value because of their gender, especially in light of the aforementioned ‘violence against women is everyones issue’ thing, and also the changing definitions of gender and sexualities this community is supposed to embrace.
isn’t the only way a person can relate to another persons experience is to consider their own – so, a man would try to understand a womans experience of sexual violence by talking about his experiences with sexual violence… if he cannot do this, does that mean a black and white person, gay and straight person, can’t share their life experiences without ‘derailing’ the issue?
i have never experienced sexual violence, should i just fuck off and stop talking to anyone who has, and create a special group for people who have never been raped!?!?
i feel like i have a decent understanding of these issues and i help other people to understand them too, and i will talk about men and women and animals rights all at once because we are the people of this planet, united.


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