how do i positivity

I didn’t want to bring everyone down (not that my post would be noticed among hundreds) but I saw a Facebook post obviously shared by some semi-famous guru person…
‘Affirm, I am happy in all my emotions and I love myself’ – or something like that.
Someone else said positive affirmations will change your thoughts and beliefs for the better!
Obviously saying nice things about yourself is a self-esteem boosting exercise.
But how and why would it change your beliefs to state that you’re happy?… that implies you’re actually not happy and want to change that, so I’d call that lying not affirming.

I am not happy in my emotions and I do not love all of myself.
Is lying to myself going to change that? Wouldn’t I need to make a conscious effort to change or else be embracing my shit life?
Not that I’m doing much to combat shitness at the moment, I know.


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