What some people find touching…

… I find disgusting.

I was checking out my cousin’s (I almost said aunt’s -whoops- big family) Facebook page and saw a friend of hers had shared a post and tagged her name in it…. it was a photo of a car crash with blood on the road!
There was a story attached – the Boy with the Doll & the White Roses….  Google it.
Never mind that the story is not factual and is probably designed purely to manipulate people (even if for a good cause)
I was like WTF, why would you share this with her?
Do you think it will move her? Do you want to make her cry?
Are you trying to guilt her out of drink driving, and why would you think she’s going to?
Do you think it concerns anyone with children and you want her to be paranoid her kids will be killed?

Not shame on me for not sharing, shame on you for probably exploiting some strangers pain (the photo of the car accident) for whatever reason…. Drink driving is stupid, but lying to people is lying to people. Or, it’s just meant to be a story and that’s all we should take it as – allegorical fiction, not lies.
In any case, why are the people who share these sob story posts commended? “oh, you’re so caring, everyone should share this, omg I’m so touched, I crie evertim, you’re an angel”…. they clicked a button. They didn’t put in time or effort or money, I’m not even sure I’d call it action. They didn’t even offer their own words, just stolen ones. They might as well not think or care at all.
I know I’m very cynical but sometimes I feel like I’m the only person who can see.

I was happy to see some people pointing out that the dates are wrong on that horoscope that goes around…. in fact if they hadn’t I might not have noticed (I had no reason to look at all my relatives signs because I’d seen it before but with a different picture attached)
What I said about seeing makes me sound like I want to start a cult – I don’t.
Please recall I have little tolerance for special snowflakes as much as I’d like to be one, and people that talk about higher beings and awakenings make me feel like.. a worm. Like they all sit around saying “oh, those silly unenlightened people, so spiritually unaware, we laugh at them, yes, ha ha ha”
Hello, we’re normal; you have delusions of grandeur.


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