‘important questions’ indeed

This only makes sense if someone else has posted the questions I’m responding to on your newsfeed (without offering any insight of their own, of course, and probably not welcoming differing opinions)
I can’t copy and paste it so…
It’s the one that starts with a woman who is pregnant for the 8th time, and she has syphillus… should she get an abortion?
Then before telling you the ‘answer’, it switches it up by asking you to pretend theres an election for world leader and only your vote counts, do you vote for A) a drunk adulterer, B) a drunk adulterer or C) a non-drunk non-adulterer?

A) is Roosevelt, B) is Churchill, and C) is Hitler.
The 8th child is Beethoven.
“Makes you think before you judge.
Amateurs built the Ark.
Professionals built the Titanic.”

Sure it makes me think but not in the way the writer intended….The ‘moral of the story’ at the end is bollocks.
And wtf does the thing about building ships mean??
I judged candidates A and B as pricks, not as evil, and they can be pricks regardless of how presidential they were.
I guess that still means I voted for Hitler unawares…. if he wasn’t a genocidal nazi he would’ve been a cool guy.
And poor Mrs Beethoven probably should have had an abortion several pregnancies ago because it’s not fair to bring 6 disabled kids into the world for the sake of 1 genius (who was also disabled?).
I’m also wondering how they did abortions 300 years ago.


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