anti-social social media

I don’t get facebook unfrienders and post hiders…
If you unfriend someone because you don’t talk to them often, you’re going to *continue* to not talk to them, you’re erasing any chance.
Is their occasional post, which you might even appreciate one day, really clogging up your newsfeed?
Even friends that post constantly, I love them, they’re my friends, I’m going to tolerate their crap because I care – or hide the most obnoxious posts and don’t tell them.
My sister and I don’t post 24/7 like my other sister seems to think… so it really pisses me off that she hides us.
She says she can see us if she clicks her family feed… well, do you?
If you don’t check my profile every day (exaggeration) why do you even have friends!
Shove it up your arse.


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