I belong to no religion, I was raised in no faith, I am fairly free of that influence.
But I think a lot of people would read my ideas and assume at least one of those things has been in my life to make me feel this way.
I suppose some of it is the various other scars of childhood.

But anyway, this all started with me thinking “It bothers me that people think of pregnancy as the byproduct of sex and not the purpose.” (I could expand upon that with “You can’t ‘accidentally’ create a life, I don’t care what you do to pretend otherwise.”) and what the reaction would be if I put that on Facebook.
I’d imagine one of my aunts saying something about how what you want is the only thing that matters.
And I’d like to say “that is selfish greed, gluttony and lust. I wish people would stop degrading others to normalcy.”

And this is not the idea that some people are higher than others, no ones a ‘special snowflake’.
It’s that to be ‘normal’ is apparently to be a swearing, drinking, fornicator… no matter who you are, from the moment you turn 12.

I’m sure I’ve said a lot of this before.
I’m just having a shit day, in that I’ve had the shits with everything.
Thinking old thoughts about people I don’t like or the things people say I don’t like, sort of denying where I am in life and the choices I have to make…


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