i have a problem with authority

I have to sign a ‘code of conduct’ for my theatre groups next production.
I really don’t want to, it makes me feel kinda sick.
Like, hey, mr director, wheres your code of conduct?
Wheres your promise you’re not going to engage in bullying or diva behaviour, which I may argue you have.
Not to mention nepotism.
I am an honest, dedicated person and I suppose all these rules are fair and shouldn’t worry me because I don’t plan on breaking them, but I still think “I’ll turn up late if I fucking want to!”
I just hate reading any kind of rules, I feel like they’re belittling me and it’s really discouraging.
I get this anxiety that I’m going to do something wrong or get humiliated, pick a fight with someone.
Like I read the code of conduct (not that I had to sign this) that was on the wall of my classroom once and I got really enraged and wanted to scribble on it “so you don’t respect our opinions and want us to shut up because you’re intolerant and high and mighty”!
It also gives me the shits when someone I know refers to her *friend* as ‘my student’… pretentious, much? What the hell do you know? Why is your knowledge better than anyone elses?
I don’t think I have any reason to respect or be grateful to these people… I’m never going to say ‘oh you taught me so much.’ cause you didn’t really.
And I’ll never say ‘FUCK THE POLICE’ though because that’s just bogon.


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