crying on the kitchen floor

I don’t know how to deal with people that want reassurance and love.
I get why my mother finds it so hard, but now I’m not sure that anyone knows how to deal with it.
One of my friends is crying out about how unloved she feels, and all I can think is that she’s being so melodramatic, why doesn’t she get over it, etc.
Well, why do I cry about the 16th year of my life? And I share it with people, sometimes, on here, and then typically delete it.
I certainly don’t faux-hashtag what I say with ‘no one will ever love me’.
Sure, my dramatic flair gets the better of me, but that’s just ridiculous.
Waaaaah, no one will ever love me.
But then I think, well maybe you would feel that way if you thought your dad hated you and your mum didn’t care, and it doesn’t matter if you have friends because they’re not always there for you and they’ll just forget about you one day.
I’m going to go curl up in a ball now, which is probably what my friend is doing.


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