Just something I said in the car…

I am scared of books.
Non-fiction books, books that are someones opinion.
I don’t like anything that tells you how or what to think.
Like feminists are all about the books, writing and reading feminist literature that explain the true way to feminist.
(also mental/emotional self-help or therapy books, religious books, maybe other political books.)
I am terrified of that.
Like reading articles is great, read five articles by five different people, maybe a few of the comments, and you can form a quick well rounded opinion I find.
But an entire book is enough to permeate your self with this other persons ideas.
I’m not sure how big these books are, are you really going to read the next book, and the next book after that?
You’re already so permeated with this other opinion, why read or accept any more.
And I’ve heard people say you just have to not question what you’re reading otherwise you’re not taking in the message.
But if you don’t question as you go what if you just absorb a message that is complete BS…

And yes I continued the use the word permeate in the conversation for some reason, even though earlier my brain screamed ‘bland’ when I meant ‘vague’.


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