don’t be a negative influence on others

similar to my last post, this is about my apparent fear of other peoples opinions.

there are often times i want to make a comment or initiate a conversation, but i’m not sure it’s a good idea – what if it hurts the person i’m talking to, what if my remark becomes something they dwell on like i dwell on bad things, what if it was something horrible they didn’t know about.
like my parents divorce, for example.

friends and family can be really toxic (yes the current affairs program said something true!)… maybe they mean well, think they are telling you something you want to hear, but ultimately it’s negative vibes.

like when a couple breaks up, and suddenly everyone turns one person from the relationship into the villain… friends take sides, say things like ‘lucky you ditched that bitch’, ‘have you seen the skank he’s dating now’… your planting ideas in your friends head that their ex is their enemy, even though they’re innocent! why?

and other planting of ideas, like when someone mentions they have a friend of the opposite gender and everyone goes ‘oooooh!’… it’s hard not to look at that new friend of yours, who you meant to have an entirely platonic relationship with, in another way – you might not even like them! but there it is, the idea.

we should be careful with what we say, it can hurt people, and we need to put positive energy into the world.
not that i am a poster child for positivity, i am a massive pessimist misanthrope etc etc


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