i got distracted from actually reading to fantasizing and i thought maybe if i wrote all my daydreams and thoughts down i’d eventually have a book like bloody stephenie meyer… but theres so many things that distract me from my initial thoughts to when i have a way of putting them down. debating computer vs paper, looking for paper and realising its all full, wondering which laptop is better for writing on and which has more battery… conversations with others, the television. i don’t know how many song lyrics i’ve forgotten because i thought of them in bed or in the shower and didn’t immediately save them in my phone. so besides all that, i find most of my ideas are in more of a movie style, its a scene i want to direct rather than a chapter i want to write, but writing is all i got. i wouldn’t know how to write for a screenplay either. how on earth do i capture the thoughts in my head? i’ve thought about doing a short writing course, but that involves money and im just so always scared of not getting back what i put in, not valuing my education.


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