I feel a big negative stressness

I don’t know how to put into words what I feel and I probably shouldn’t.

But it really sucks when people in a position of ‘superiority’ are both judging your attitudes and trying to impose their attitudes onto you, not realising that their attitudes are equally if not more offensive to you. It’s a two-way street.

I feel that relentlessly interrupting a person to correct them for some manners faux pas they are completely unaware of, on the behalf of someone else who has made no complaint, is much ruder than the minor impoliteness and makes me want to throw around words like fascism.

And accusing people of feeling or talking a certain way is just completely ridiculous and I would think it’s the type of thing bosses and educators today would be taught to avoid, like a therapist or counsellor.

I can feel you are rude to me but you cannot say I am being flippant (really!?) or feeling angry *at you*.

At that moment I felt like everything I said, this person was going to be dissatisfied with.
I didn’t want to explain myself to her and I don’t think she would have liked it any more if I did, but ultimately I just want to get on with my work.

I don’t want to learn from you, I don’t want your screwy old values and attitudes to be a part of me, you are not personally there to make me grow as an individual, that is my job and I am satisfied in myself.

So I guess because I feel this way, and it is a two-way street, I should not put this on my evaluation, but I am disappointed in the behaviour of this person.


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