quit puffing your feathers out… calm your farm…

I don’t understand why people brag about their negative qualities.
It doesn’t make you sound tough, it doesn’t make you likeable, it makes you seem like a complete tool.

Women posting slogans about how they’re proud to be a bitch, bitch is a good thing, blah blah blah… If I call you a bitch it means you’re a useless person with no compassion for others. Don’t own that. Be a strong woman if you’re a strong woman, not a bitch.

And the misuse of the word mean….  “I’ll be mean if I have to”, “don’t make me be mean”… what a pathetic attitude, if you really are mean it’s your own choice, no one is “making you the bad guy”!
If you are going to be capable, responsible, strict or even stern, okay, but never be mean.
A mean person is not helpful to me, a mean person is not a person I’d like to work with.
Never think of mean as a good thing to be for anyone.


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