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I’m spending an embarrassing amount of time playing Draw Something 2.
My username is Missquin, look me up if you have it.

I’ll admit some things that bug me about DS2…. I don’t like people on there going around calling themselves artists, making tutorials (so we can all draw like you cause you be so good daaamn) and ‘FAQ’s about themselves (you’re a celebrity now huh) like FOR CHRISTS SAKE. It is a game. And I don’t feel like people fingerpainting on their expensive toys is the same as pencil and paper / brush and canvas art. Yeah, I’m intolerant. I’m also going to pretend I don’t have an album on Facebook called ‘artwork’ that has phone doodles in it.
I really win by handicap because they use iPads, styluses and references and I don’t. I’m a cowboy.


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