Talking about this is getting me surprisingly nowhere

If I took every chance I could, fought for every opportunity, I’d be in a very place in life now.
I’d have more accomplishments in theatre, I might be more educated, I could have had a job.
I would also be a very different person.
I’m not that sure of myself, I want other peoples help, and I’m very stubborn which often works against me… well, if you won’t do it for me, I won’t try at all.
I don’t know if that would all be for the better.
It’s just hard not to be frustrated with how your life is, and to be envious of other people.
I live in reality in a very bleak way, I don’t want to, I am resigned to it.
I don’t have dreams the way other people I know do.
I know a girl who feels she would literally die if she doesn’t get on Broadway… and she says never ever take my dream from me.
I watch movies, or music videos, and think I so want to be apart of this, but I don’t really want to admit that because I’m never going to do it.
I’m not going to be Jennifer Lawrence, or Taylor Swift, or even (oh I was going to put my name but I’m supposed to be anonymous).
I’m a nothing person, sometimes more than others.
And I’m just very indecisive. It’s probably mostly that.


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