I am here for myself, but you’re welcome.

The only blog I follow is Daily Prompt from when I was trying to do Post a Week 2011.
Today’s prompt, and possibly the only one I have responded to, is Personal Space.

Who is my blog for?
Even though I clearly write with other people in mind, my blog is for me.
Sometimes people viewing my blog is more frustrating than not.
I get most of the traffick on my blog from subjects I’m no longer interested in, or from people obviously looking for something else. I’ve even hidden/deleted some of those posts.
There are noticable trends on my blog I suppose – for a while I thought on religion often, now it’s feminism. This is organic, it’s just something that happens to be around me.
Sometimes I do try to bring some consistency (and dare I say marketability) to my blog, for example the ‘things I see on Facebook’ posts, but it never becomes a regular output.
And then there are posts that are obviously personal, emotional vents… theres a lot of that.
There are also posts that I want to reach people for another reason, to start discussion or to raise an issue.
It would probably help if I actually categorized my posts, but I’ve never tried.

Looking at lot of my old posts, they’re honestly quite dull (who am I kidding, this one is too) but more than that, they don’t always sound like something I would say or how I would say it… I guess I did change in the last 3 or 4 years. I was also pressured to write a lot back then, a bit like it was a diary, even though I don’t believe in diaries.
I also used to group topics together into one blog instead of giving them individual attention when I actually felt like writing about them.
So I prefer to tap 70 words a minute on my iPhone and barely give anyone any background on what I am yelling about. Hahaha, mysterious am I.

I do want to know how I can make my blog better, but I find there is some value in everything I write and I don’t want to lose anything even if I’m not fond of old posts.
I don’t know if I want more people to take interest in my blog or not.


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