Is this an actual thing?

… or is this person totally deluded?

I can’t believe I just read this in sentence; “Jane-Austen-loving, gun-toting feminists”.
It’s not just that to me those things don’t go together, I don’t understand how they go together in that persons head.
The image I think they’re trying to evoke with the phrase “gun-toting feminist” seems completely at odds with sensitive, intelligent romance novels.
I can’t even imagine a person into guns reading Jane Austen, unless they aspire to become a victorian gentleman.

The complete sentence, btw, was “Taylor Swift makes Jane-Austen-loving, gun-toting feminists look harmless.”
Nevermind the credibility of an article of vapid reasons why a celebrity sucks, apparently a literate woman with interests other than baking is dangerous.


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  1. Jelzmar
    May 03, 2013 @ 21:34:28

    Oh, I read that article a while ago. He was bashed in the comments, but I’m not sure any of it was for that comment.


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