Is it okay?

I’m getting really disturbed with finding people judged and dismissed as an particular thing, or part of a group, whether it really applies to them or not.
It’s like any person with a different opinion can be called a ‘troll’ and ignored.

And I keep seeing feminists try to shut down a guys opinion by calling him an “MRA”… What’s the difference between that and when a woman is called a feminist/feminazi for having an opinion in patriarchal society?
Half the criteria for being called an “MRA” is just shit everyone does, like basing our views on our life experiences, and aren’t we all going to feel persecuted if we keep finding spaces where we’re judged and excluded?

Like I felt uncomfortable when I discovered in the LGBT community I’d be called “CIS”… I’m suddenly known as this acronym I don’t understand, have never heard before – at least that term doesn’t seem to be used dismissively.

I hate when acronyms are used as if everyone knows them, sorry – MRA is Male Rights Advocate and I think CIS is when you identify as your birth gender.

Can we just let people be and have their opinions and whatever?
Why do we segregate ourselves into these groups?


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