Karma and the hypocrite

I get really sick of seeing comments like these

“What goes around comes around .. ‘KARMA’ … one day you will all die of an horrendous debhilitating death and I will sit there and laugh at you all!!!!! shame on you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I guess it’s an understandable response to people torturing puppies, but that doesn’t mean it’s not obnoxious and mean spirited and yeah hypocritical.
What I find less understandable is that girl who’s “karmas a bitch” was obviously aimed at my sister *shakes fist* but that’s another kettle of fish (who has fish in kettles?)

Most people who mention karma just sound spiteful, there’s nothing enlightened about it.
You can believe in the concept, but not try and call it down upon others, you’re just judging them and acting like you can’t be judged the same way.

It’s a bit like the quote from my previous blog post “peaceful conflict resolution”.


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