Things on Facebook I actually dig!

(ahhh I was just making this post a minute ago when I clicked the ‘pop-out’ button because I was trying to insert a dozen pictures into a tiny little box and everything disappeared!)

I normally whinge about everything so I’m going to try and keep this as positive as possible… I was going to say ‘uplifting’ but apparently I only dig serious shit, not pictures of puppies or anything… well, maybe some puppies.


^ this is a quote from a cult tv show (firefly) and there were really cute comments of everyone sharing their appreciation, and finishing each others quotes… it wasn’t even shared on a Firefly page and people still found they had that in common.


^ I’m not one for the motivational picture, because as you know I’m stubborn and heartless, but I like this one… it’s not only a good message, it’s aesthetically pleasing.


^ April is autism awareness month – I’m not over the top with it, but I support this cause for my beautiful cousins… I bought a t-shirt and everything.


^ What can I say, an oldie but a goodie…


^ I would get a tattoo of this. I love Batman, not that I read the comics or know much about him at all.


^ A bit heavy, but important. Speaking of which – – my friends and family have been sharing this letter and I think it’s pretty good.


^ There you go, a fuzzy animal! I know how much Facebook loves them.


^ Another motivational…. who am I ?!


^ (please click on photo to see all of it) A tiny bit judgey but it makes all the right points, even if the flowcharts kinda confusing.


Another thing I liked was a friend of mine saw a man die in the shopping centre (wait, that’s not the part I liked) and she said if he’s dead she sends her love to his family and if he’s alive she wishes he recovers soon… 🙂
Seeing that compassion made me feel really good.
And on a less positive note because I can’t help myself, her ex just posts a bunch of stuff about not being able to find a good girl, and why do girls treat nice guys like shit… Don’t fall into the ‘nice guy’ trap… what I mean by that is, if you call yourself a nice guy you probably aren’t. You have no entitlement to a girls affection, and certainly not her body, just because you were nice to her and you should be happy she appreciates you as a friend if that is the case.



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