I was going to complain about people spreading hoaxes on Facebook, but I already have and it doesn’t seem to sink in to people any way.
So instead I’ll say… please stop posting those anecdotal stories that paint people of different religions, nationalities or generations in a bad light.
It’s superficial and paranoid.
Winning some imaginary victory over people that apparently hate the country they voluntarily came to, ruin all your national holidays even though they’re now national citizens, and oh yeah steal all those jobs you’re not doing anyway…
It actually paints you in a bad light.
Those stories could’ve been made up by middle aged skin heads sitting in their basement.
You’re just spreading prejudice and really hurting people.
How are those teenagers, those muslims, those refugees going to feel when they see it? if they didn’t feel alienated (or angry) before they just might now.


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