Some people I know seem to care more about how they treat animals than how they treat actual human beings.

I’ve seen them have really public outbursts on Facebook where they attack and humiliate their friends and family… they are passive aggressive, impatient, ill-tempered, juvenile, obnoxious…. and they go around all self-righteous because they talk a lot of shit about saving dolphins and puppies (taking any real action? I dunno)

I have started supporting a lot of causes lately, but that does not make me a good person. Striving to be patient, considerate, and gentle is.
I do support the causes my friends and cousins are so passionate about, but I don’t always agree 100%.

I wanted to take an action to save the dolphins, but I questioned boycotting Japan and petitioning the Olympic committee to exclude them because of some peoples actions – you can’t guarantee an outcome favourable for both sides.
I also get a lot of e-mails from petition websites… but I do not at all support the idea that religious institutions should be forced not to discriminate against gays. I actually wanted to start my own petition about what an awful idea that is.

I have no conclusion to this post because I’m going to watch a movie now.


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