i have a grump

i’m starting to feel that teenage moodiness again.
i have a loose baby tooth… i’m just a little bit old for that kind of shit.
vacations are tiring.
i’ve been on more stairs and escalators this week than i have in my life.
and i’m scared of those.
i’ve had a headache every day i’ve actually been home :/
i hate my cousin.
i might hate my aunt…
i don’t like when people ‘share’ sort of heavy politically charged posts without expressing why or what their opinion is.
it makes it seem like their opinion, 100%
so as far as i’m concerned my aunt is an icky man hating nazi.
i went on pottermore and someone was saying they wanted to kill themselves in the common room… a room evidently filled with young people not experienced in suicide or internets.
“theres no need for sue wee cide over a website!”
i didn’t say anything but i still missed a whole episode of Fringe where apparently someone died… didn’t notice at all.
i’m not a fan of the pottermore houses anyway, i think competition brings out the worst in people and i don’t owe loyalty to any one… i’ll brew as many shit potions as i like.
i’m worried i will have missed too much of class to go back, and i won’t know what to do or be able to catch up… i’d be left with nothing to do but because of my grump i don’t feel like going back anyway.
still got another week of holiday… might feel better next week.


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