how can i feel so excluded and so superior at the same time ugh

I started writing a draft earlier about teens and sexualization but if I give up if the writing stops flowing and it takes too long.
But I’ve been prompted again.
I mentioned Bindi Irwin on Facebook and someone said “she’s way too old to be that ‘GOOD’ how disgusting”… what?
Being a sweet 14 year old girl is disgusting?
Why do we put pressure on young girls to swear, drink, smoke, party, be ‘sexy’?
Who needs that? I don’t. CHILDREN don’t.
Why is that normal… why is being the lowest class of person encouraged?

I guess because other people were slaggy teens they want other people to be like them so they feel better about themselves.

Of course I can’t say this to people (you know, real people, not the imaginary people reading this blog) because it implies my cousins, siblings, friends etc are all sluts.
So I just said I’ll be over here sitting on my non-drinking, non-smoking virginal fanny.


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