does anybody feel pure want?

I feel incomplete and quite empty… I have no ambition, or purpose, or passions.
Well, what passions I do have don’t go anywhere.
I like designing fashion, but if you asked me if I WANT TO design fashion, I would say No.
I’ve signed up for a course in business administration and now I’m just filled with ‘I don’t want to’, like when I make any appointments or commitments.
I feel like I have no enthusiasm.
I’m in a musical. Do I think the musicals good? yes. Do I ‘want’ to be in it? not really.
My wants just amount to frustrations, it’s… it’s effort.
I say I have no motivation but apart from that I must just be completely lazy.
I feel like I’m broken to be like this, nevermind any other issues I have with depression/anxiety.
I’m sick of it.


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