Tragic Clown

I need to have something to show for what I’ve done by September (I think).
But I don’t know how to do that.
I mean, I can print out book reports, and put them in a folder.
I can print out math test results and certificates.
I can cut and paste and paint.
I can sew quilts.
But theres all these little things I do, like my constant research, that Mum says I should have something to show for, because it matters.
But it doesn’t feel like it does.
She wrote down everything I did so far today (it’s only 11am) in the diary and told me it all counts and I need to write it down and do something about it.
Like apparently this morning I’ve talked about attitudes towards mental health, smoking, and career paths.
I brushed my teeth and washed my face. I fed and played with the cat. I made Mum a cup of tea. I made my bed. I looked at my sisters dinosaur egg that hatches in water.
But these are things I do every single day, do they count as anything?
It just seems like bullshit.

Mum wants me to write a blog about the Sims.
She’d just finished a hanjie puzzle (you shade squares to make a picture) thats title was ‘sad’, and I thought it looked like a clown.
So I started thinking about the Tragic Clown painting from the original Sims game.
(It’s not just an ordinary painting, it comes to life and haunts you!)
Then I Googled it, found the article on SimsWiki, and started telling her about it.
And I do this stuff all the time, I just Google stuff, stuff about the kitten, stuff about diseases, stuff about games or songs or serial killers, whatever I feel like.
I do this so often how am I supposed to keep track or write something about each subject?
Although I guess it is educational – I don’t think there is ever a day when I don’t learn something.

*sigh* so, The Sims.
I moved all my games over to my new external harddrive, but I was impatient and instead of copying I just cut-and-paste.
I free’d up a little less than half of my laptops space, which is pretty good, as its back to the level it maintained for years before the sudden build up.
I have played Fable : The Lost Chapters straight of the external drive and it works, I just need to keep the save file on my actual computer.
None of The Sims 2 games would work, because they didn’t know where anything was, couldn’t communicate with the other expansion packs, etc.
It’s a really complicated game, when you have 6 packs on a base game, files in different locations, custom content, back-ups.
I decided to uninstall and reinstall, but discovered I was missing my original Sims 2 base game.
I’m pretty sure my sister borrowed it… I shouldn’t have let her, I’m so mad at myself.
No idea where it is, just that it doesn’t seem to be in the house.
So I decided to just uninstall all my Sims games, and upgrade to The Sims 3, maybe look into getting Sims 2 off eBay (as its now impossible to find elsewhere) or such.
The uninstall files wouldn’t work so I had to manually delete every single scrap of data baring ‘sims’ or ‘ea’, and hope it’d all work out.
I’ve been playing Sims on the ps2 until I can install 3 onto my computer (hopefully straight onto my external harddrive).
Although, it sounds like my sister and her boyfriend might be breaking up again so I might not be able to borrow his disc >>; dang.

But anyway, as upset I am at the (hopefully temporary) loss of my Sims 2 games, I have an excuse and the space to get The Sims 3!
It’s a prequel to the original Sims, interestingly enough, and I wanna see a little Bella and Mortimer running around!
The Goths are a very cool series-spanning story, although I never played with them that much, and never found the missing Bella, or a Bella clone, or any of that weird stuff… wish I could now I can’t =/
And the Tragic Clown apparently makes an interesting return – I wonder if you can have his babies O.o;


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