I have an excuse! or I did last week…

So, I was sick, and then I was lazy.
This is what I typed up more than a week ago explaining why I missed a couple posts.
I wasn’t actually going to post most of it but it seems pretty funny now, like ridiculous amounts of oversharing.

“Yes, yes, I missed two posts, but thats because I got gastro 😦
I’ve been very sick, I spent several days lying on the lounge watching Bones – which may not have been the best decision as I thought about skulls constantly as I went to the bathroom and when I tried to sleep O.o
I’m feeling better now, but I have a very small appetite and have trouble eating, which was a problem even before I got sick, and I have sore legs from sitting on the loo so much >.<
I think the worst part about when I get sick is that almost every time, whether its a cold or flu or whatever, I have a strange mental… episode or something, where I get a horrible feeling in the back of my throat and hear/think weird things and sometimes throw up.
This time when that happened Mum woke up when I chucked and apparently afterwards I was saying something about my bones being too small for my skin and then I just stood there with my eyes closed.
And when the first or second day of feeling better I felt really restless and agitated though, which wasn’t fun.
What kinda bugs me is I kept telling Mum things and she didn’t really listen.
I said I was sick and had diarrhea and stuff and when Dad came to visit she said to him “Meg -reckons- shes sick”.
And then I told her I had blood in my stool and she said “your probably just grazed”.
And then I told her I had thrush which is er obviously in a specific place and she thought I had a rash on my pelvis.
Just no.”

I have my appetite back and I’m all good, except for a while I kept getting blocked ears, and like have blocked ears the entire day, and I couldn’t stand it.
It didn’t help the sick/mental feelings and stuff because everything sounded wrong or all I could hear was my own breathing.
Mum got me ear drops for wax softening cus it was like water was trapped behind the wax after I showered – but we never used them because it said stuff on the bottle like DO NOT GET IN EYES, HAIR OR SKIN, AND IMMEDIATELY REMOVE AND WASH ANY CONTAMINATED CLOTHING.
They want me to put that in my ear? screw that.
And I still have trouble with textures and stuff, like I can’t stand Toblerones because of the tiny bits of nougat stuck in my teeth after the chocolates gone, reminds me of the hard plasticy feeling in my throat.

I’d like to make like 3 blog posts right now except Mum’s watching Dexter…. we’re on season 3.
I don’t really want to watch it now but I feel like I have no choice, it’s either that or miss out on a show I like and never spend any time with my Mum, we’re just jumping between shows and then she starts rewatching older things.
I might move my laptop into the lounge, but I can’t type and watch so I’d probably fire up The Sims 2 and have it sit there and do nothing because I’ll get distracted.
Vaguely related to The Sims 2, I may have already mentioned this but my computer has so little space its advising me not to play it – I guess for good reason as the game has been crashing lately.
And WordPress has been very, very laggy lately – I don’t know if its my struggling laptop, my browser, or the website.
Either way I need to get a external harddrive or atleast a flashstick to cart my lesser used crap onto.

Pretty far behind on my posts, but it doesn’t really matter, does it?
I’ll work something out, when I get a proper scheduley thing up for schoolwork – Mum’s been nagging me about that lately, but I guess I only have like 6 months before the education lady comes… wah.
I have trouble talking to Mum about what I want, I want her to just know magically!


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