So, we have a house inspection tomorrow, and yesterday I didn’t clean because I was busy blogging, then I was looking up stuff like hope chests and Dr Martens boots, lol.
And then I was up until midnight trying to update my iPhone!! >.<

But anyway, so today I wanted to clean my bedroom and bathroom and generally help Mum.
I can’t clean when my sister is in the house.
I just can’t, I normally wait for her  to leave for work before I get up, even.
Because at the moment we share a bathroom, and I can’t get up and clean the bathroom and take a desperately needed shower and brush my teeth (things I neglected due to iPhone troubles…. and NCIS), if she’s in there showering and running about to get ready for work.
And I don’t like cleaning when I’m not clean myself – except I HAVE to clean the bathroom first if I want to dust and sweep because it’ll get all wet if I shower.
I decided just to sit at my computer and wait, but I forgot she’s not working until 11:30.
So I’ve been sitting here for 2 hours doing NOTHING.
I could’ve played some Sims 2, or some Fable! I could’ve sent a kid to college and married off another! I could’ve slayed 20 Balverines, or made 10000 gold!
No point doing any of that now or I’ll never clean anything.

And my OTHER sister has moved to Melbourne without saying goodbye to anyone! =/
She didn’t visit us, or our grandparents, even though Dad and Granddad helped her move her things.
The whole thing just pisses me off, and she’s been really ungrateful.
She’s spent the whole time she’s lived here moaning and grumbling and complaining.
It’s her fault she made the rash decision to quit her job and move here anyway, just because she was hanging out with sister #2.
And we’ve helped her and given her money and she’s just like whatever.
Back to a big city she goes.
If she wants to eventually add me back as a friend on Facebook thats fine, but honestly I don’t care how much I see her any more – she might be happier living in Melbourne, and stop being so grumpy all the time, but then she’ll just go back to being annoying and juvenile and I don’t know which one I prefer =/


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