Fallen behind!

I missed my post for last week, so I’ll do two this week.
The problem is if you miss one you figure you might as well stop all together!
I get that problem a lot – if I skip a lesson, or if I dont play a video game I’m trying to beat one day, then I’m likely to stop all together!

I’ve been stuck into Fable at the moment.
I think I bought it on Friday, but didn’t get to play until the next day.
So on Sunday, my day of blogging, I spent the first half of the day sitting with my aunt and grandma who were visiting, and the second half kicking chickens, getting married, and killing Balverines.

I’m a bit ticked off because it’s crashed three times – first two times it was just the game due to an unknown error, but yesterday it was really hot and my computer overheated and just turned itself off (right when I was bustin mamma out of jail!)
I waited until the day cooled down before I turned it on, but my computer is really warm anyway – thats probably why the cat likes to sleep on it.
It wouldn’t be so bad if the game actually let you save – it’s a pretty good game apart from that! You can only do ‘hero saves’ when your questing, which saves experience and gold, but not your progress or location or anything.
You can only ‘world save’ when your NOT doing anything… why? -.-

Anyway, I’m — I don’t know what I was going to say here because I got distracted doing a guitar riff quiz… dang.
Well, I haven’t done anything productive for weeks, not since Mum went to visit her sister, because everyones been busy moving things around, my sister and I swapped rooms, my Dad is going to move into his own house later this week, with only a dining table, television and maybe a bed, lol.
We went shopping but he didn’t get anything, so I guess it’ll be pretty empty until the weekend… or late night shopping!
Oh, Mum and I are so excited and we have to stop ourselves from making lists for him or looking at things for him.
Lately Mums been saying “This is not my business. My business, this is not.”
I get a bit down because this excitement is the reason I wanted to have a glory box, so I could actually buy these cute little house making things when I see them, but I don’t have any where to put my glory box stuff and I don’t have the money.
I don’t think I’m going to really get much pocket money any more, and I don’t really want to – I’ll start looking for jobs soon, then I can have my own money…

But, anyway, I HAVE done something productive yesterday and today!
I made a sign for my door with some stuff I got from Spotlight… ah, Spotlight, how I love you.
I might take a picture for next weeks post, and maybe by then I’ll have done something else – finished my heart blocks, or made this little Peter Rabbit bookmark from a cross stitch kit I got.


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