Can you ever just be ‘whelmed’?

A question that has plagued me ever since I watched 10 Things I Hate About You.

I am feeling a little overwhelmed.
Firstly, by the blackcurrant in my wheaties (not real wheaties, something like mini wheats, or wheat minis)
Secondly, by all the distracting windows I have open (Damn You Autocorrect, Similar Minds, Facebook, Sporcle!)
Thirdly (Thricely?), by the realisation I could’ve done a post a day, as I’ve thought of a few different blog topics every day!
And most importantly, by the fact it is already 1pm, I only just had breakfast, I need to shower, and Mum wants me to clean the bathroom and write a book review and/or movie review.

I’m sure there is actually time the day for all of these things, I’m just tired and lazy.
And wondering if the cat has damaged my mouse or computer, because I keep getting clicked out of text boxes and the pages want to navigate away all the time… or am I just accidentally touching my touchy pad mouse thing on my laptop? That’s supposed to be disabled. I’m blaming cat for that too.

Anyway, is this what my blog post is going to be today?
Is this the same as my blog posts are going to be every Sunday, thinking of all the topics I had in mind but too busy talking about my boring personal shit and not wanting to make 5 blog posts in one day?
If I end up doing a book review there will be another blog post today.
But which one do I tag as “postaweek2011”? this one, or my book review, or possibly one about Ke$ha, or inkblot tests, or kitten teething, or quilting, or every post I do on Sundays? Because then that’s not “postaweek2011”, thats “severalpostsinonedayoftheweek2011”, as I discussed in my previous post.

Ho hum.
I’ll probably be too busy watching Xena to make another post anyway >>; I’ve missed a few and if I’ve missed “Is There A Doctor In The House”, I may cry a little.

EDIT:: Not having a good day. They aren’t showing Xena on TV anymore! The bastards! But for some reason Hercules still seems to be going, so hopefully Xena will come back on.
But that’s not really why I’m not having a good day, I just don’t feel good – I normally feel pretty crap on ‘lazy’ days or when I’m ‘bored’, I think that actually means I’m depressed. Because I’m not just bored or lazy, I refuse to do anything whether its something fun or a chore. And then I always have bad showers. Like I just had a shower, but I got stuck rubbing my face for almost 15 minutes! Just over and over. It wasn’t even really because of pimples or rough skin, I just got stuck. And I feel tired, and heavy, and slow.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jelzmar
    Mar 10, 2011 @ 05:43:33

    I think it just means you are a teenager. I blame it on the hormones. I realized during my second pregnancy, that when I’m pregnant I feel a lot like I did when I was a teenager. So really don’t worry, you will grow out of it. Though going out in the sun does help a lot. So maybe its more of a vitamin deficiency, then a hormone problem.


    • homeschooledjunglefreak
      Mar 14, 2011 @ 19:11:20

      Yeah, lol, mostly.
      I’ve never been REALLY depressed, but my mother (her more so) and sister have, and my sisters boyfriend has been incredibly depressed, so I really need to think about how bad he is and stop sooking.
      But speaking of hormones, I’m on the pill, which can either decrease or increase depression =/
      and I never leave the house >>; lol oops
      ANYWAY, thanks for commenting so much!!!
      have you seen this maybe? — she’s a radical unschooler, not sure what level your going for, but shes got really good ideas and tips and my Mum loves her, lol.


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