Every thing is happening…

… but it’s not really what I want, and it’s probably never going to be.

Looks like we’re staying in this house, and my sisters moving back in, which is fine, but this means I have to swap rooms with her (who’s been in the spare room, my ex-study)
I think I’ll also move my desk from the dining room into my new room, hopefully there is space for it.
Mum and I checked with a model (bits of card on a piece of thin foam core board) of the study that I made for ‘science’ a little while ago lol.
So, Mums moving things around at the moment – sorting out the three cupboards now lined up against the dining room wall, one filled with plates and glasses and cereal, the others filled with sewing and craft stuff.
It’s weird getting used to the cups being on the wrong side of the kitchen bench…
I feel the space of the kitchen cupboard is a bit wasted (which it always will be because its stupidly designed) but things will probably be shuffled around later.
I guess I’ll have to get up and help soon… I really don’t want to destroy my bedroom and move it all around.

My Dad is on holiday for two weeks, which is why we’re moving everything now.
Dad is also probably moving out soon – it really just doesn’t work with him living here…
I love him, and he loves all of us, but he doesn’t enjoy living with Mum, or my sister, or Turbo (cat).
It’s probably better for everyone if he has his own place.
I don’t know when he’ll find a house, I’m just hoping he won’t have to move back in with his parents, that’d be awful.
Whatever happens, he just better not quit his job.

The other day Mum and I looked at a little unit, that would’ve just belonged to us – if my sister had gone to live with other friends, and Dad moves out.
It wasn’t suitable, it was maybe suitable for Dad if he had his own car.
But I just wanted it – not the unit, because it was 70s decorated and had no dining room and my bedroom was so narrow I could only fit my bed in there, but I wanted the idea.
The idea of Mum and I just living by ourselves, like little old ladies, sewing quilts and making doilies and shit.
I want to skip my life from now til I’m 60… of course, my Mum would be dead by then (sorry, Ma), so thats a bit of a downer..

Anyway, I have to go move stuff from my wardrobe into the other wardrobe now… bah.
Well, I did that in three minutes and have no further instructions due to Mum having a lunch break.
I’m a bit miffed because she’s been watching Parenthood on her laptop for days and days, and this is after her being with her sisters for a week, so there’s little time to talk to her and she gets annoyed if I interrupt her.
I mean, she does do things still, she’s been doing washing and moving things around and planning, but I’ve told her to clean the rat cage three days in a row and she’s probably not going to do it for a while longer – this wouldn’t bother me except she’s the only one that does it, and the rats in my bedroom! It’s not my rat, I’ve been harbouring it from the kitten, and it’s smelly! SMELLY.
Speaking of rat, I should shut my door so the cat doesn’t eat her, but at this point I don’t care =/

And theres a lot of things that happened the last few weeks that I haven’t blogged about.
I think I have/had some kind of infection, because the left side of my body’s been crazy – I’ve had a bruised/swollen feeling armpit, three clusters of pussy pimply things on my arm, and a very sore elbow, which isn’t from strain or exercise.
Most of it’s all gone, but my elbow still hurts a lot if I bump the tip of it.
I never got to go to the doctors because by the time Mum got home from her trip (with her sisters to her other sisters house), it was clearing up.
So…. what the.
And there’s a lot of drama with my sisters life but I just won’t even get into that.

Mum takes a while to eat lunch, but I’m pretty sure I’m just waiting for her episode to finish – but now I need to eat!
I just wanna get this moving crap done but it feels so slow.


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  1. therealmother
    Feb 24, 2011 @ 06:14:10

    I could teach you to clean the rat cage……lol xx


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