Considering that I am atheist…

…There is way too much God in my life!
I wake up, and during my breakfast, I watch Touched By An Angel and 7th Heaven.
Then, I read Little Women, and Mrs March is all like “Lean on the arm of God!!”.
Even reading Enemy Mine, God is there, because they’re always talking about the Shizumaat!
And while I love 7th Heaven (until the parents go batshit crazy), and Enemy Mine has strengthened my relationship with Mickey Mouse,  it means I am constantly thinking about religion!
Which is a pointless cycle, where I always come to the conclusion “I don’t like it.”

Note on my ‘atheism’ : I do actually have spiritual beliefs, so I am not strictly atheist, but ‘agnostic’ doesn’t put across the message that I dislike almost all forms of organised religion.
But on the other hand, atheism could be called a religion.
There needs to be a new word for me *nods*
Aaaand… I made this post after looking at my tag cloud and thinking “I don’t want God’s name that big. I talk about him too much. I don’t like religion, and I don’t want people to think I do by talking about it so much.” =/ *sigh*
If I did talk about religion as much as I think about religion then the word ‘religion’ would be the only one in my tag cloud!


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