Dear WordPress, NO, I don’t want another ‘surprise’!!!

Usually after I make a blog post, a video will pop up in the middle of my screen and it will say something at the bottom like how do you feel about this surprise, are you inspired, would you like another surprise, and I usually close the box before the video plays.
Just a moment ago after publishing my last blog post, I clicked on a different window to check Facebook, and a couple minutes later my computer is screaming at me, full volume!
I muted the sound and checked all my tabs, and a video was playing of a kid opening a Christmas present that I had seen on Youtube sometime.
I gotta say, it wasn’t a very pleasant surprise to have my computer start yelling at me…
No thanks!
I Googled it and apparently it has to do with the ‘surprise me’ setting which I must’ve checked… time to un-check, I believe.

I’m hungry and I have a headache… and I still haven’t dried the dishes >>; or cleaned the rest of my bathroom, or tidied my bedroom, and my Dad will be home soon… *sigh* damn you, childhood memories, for taking up all my time!!


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